Berkley: not all about education


When people think about Berkley, California, they often think about the educational hub that it is recognized as worldwide. Home to a prestigious university and home of one of the world’s electron microscopes, Berkley is a town full of intellectual knowledge. But what most people don’t know is that Berkley is also home to a vibrant culture and vivacious nightlife.

In some ways, Berkley is the college town of all college towns; the perfect hybrid of work and play. The students at the university can be largely credited for giving the town the wonderful dichotomy that it has. Home to numerous bars, clubs, art galleries, and concert venues, the city’s culture is often overshadowed by its academic achievements.

Not shockingly

There is much more to Berkley than meets the eye. Much like other Bay area cities, the world has a perception of each city based on its most historical event, but often aren’t aware of the rest that it has to offer. The Bay area thrives upon having a diverse and rich cultural community within each individual city, lending to the overall appeal of the Bay area as a whole.

The next time you are looking to visit the great state of California, consider Berkley as the perfect town in which to enjoy your vacation and bring a higher level of academic enrichment to your life. Of course, if Berkley isn’t your thing, there are plenty of vibrant cities to choose from. In terms of finding yourself in California, there are many different avenues.


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Believe the hype


Oakland is somewhat of an anomaly in the Bay area. Known for a number of innovations culturally, it is regarded as one of the birthplaces of modern hip hop. If you’ve ever listened to a rap song in your life, you have probably heard a reference to Oakland, LA, and other Bay city areas. This is no accident. Not only are many rappers from the area (most notably NWA), but its gritty reputation is one that has been forged by a history of social unrest.

Some people believe that Oakland, also known for its scrappy football team with rabid fans dressed like characters in a Mad Max film, is a parody of itself, a city that is just like any other.

Oakland is popular for a reason

The Bay area is known primarily for its upscale counterculture movements, but there is a darker side to the bay area. Home to a number of ethnic minorities, some populations were not given the same rights or opportunities as others. This is what established Oakland as the gritty city that it is. A place where culture is fought for and nothing comes free.

It’s true that the entire Bay area and its surrounding cities are beautiful, but Oakland has a special place in my heart due to its cultural influence. In some ways, the people of Oakland had to fight harder to get noticed, which led to a greater pool of talent that is still respected and widely emulated to this very day.

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A gem of the west


If you’ve ever visited the Bay area, you know that it is unlike any place in the United States. A true cultural mecca within the country and even the world, the Bay area is home to some of the most historic sites and sounds in the entire world. Among the most dazzling attractions in the area is the city of San Francisco.

Having hosted some of the most historical social movements of the century, San Francisco has always been a hub of social freedom and artistic expression. From the counterculture movement of the late 1960s to the sexual revolution thereafter, the city has always stood for freedom and the ability to truly be oneself.

San Francisco today

Today, the city still holds to its cultural ideals, all while giving visitors endless entertainment and a new perspective on life. Having grown up near San Francisco and traveled the world, I can safely say that there is truly no place like it on earth. The people, culture, food, and geographic location make it the perfect destination for anybody looking for something fresh and new.

America is often referred to as a cultural melting pot, but for my money, San Francisco is the only place in the country that truly captures this idea; its rich history directly leading to its cultural and ethnic diversity, its love of humanity setting it apart from the rest of the United States as well as the world.

Join us in the city that truly embodies brotherly love, you won’t be disappointed. Check back for updates on upcoming events in the Bay area.

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Unlike no place on earth


Commonly regarded as one of the most culturally diverse places in the United States, and perhaps the world, the Bay area is home to a wide variety of cultures and events. In addition to its unique architecture and unmatched nightlife, this is where many prolific artists began their career and still work and live. It’s no wonder that San Francisco and its surrounding cities are the cultural hub for the state of California and much of the United States.

Chances are that you have heard a band, seen an artist, or know of a famous person from the Bay area, and we are here to bring you the latest news regarding such matters.

Impeccable Culture

Perhaps the single thing that makes the Bay area great is the diversity within its population. Home to some of the most progressive populations in history, this has always been the hub of social change. There is a reason that many artists flock to this location, and that is because of its accepting nature and cultural richness.

It may be true that California itself is rich in heritage and culture, but for some reason the bay area stands out even within the great state. Having grown up here, I have seen countless projects that have helped define modern art and sway the way that people look at the United States of America.

Join us in exploring all that the Bay area has to offer both locally and globally.

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