Keeping the streets in working condition


In a previous article, I discussed the nature of San Francisco infrastructure as it pertains to the city’s visitors and inhabitants. Even though it remains one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, it is not without its problems, and much of the beauty simply masks a large problem. One of the main ways in which this problem manifests in a visible was is the roads of the city. The severe heat and proximity to the ocean means that the roads go through quite the rigor in any given year, which can lead to cracking, weathering, and an overall degradation of the roads themselves.

It wasn’t until I spoke to my friend at that I understood the full extent of the problem. It seems as though the roads are crumbling at an even more alarming rate than the surrounding infrastructure, and although they do get the most repairs, it is not enough to keep the city from having large transportation problems in the future.

Luckily there is an answer

Fixing the problem will take a multi-faceted approach that must be agreed upon between both city officials and local companies. It becomes a matter of local companies, like ones that specialize in local contracts, including things like a local driveway paving company to take on some of the responsibility of keeping the roads of our fine city. There are some companies that offer high-end affordable brick paver prices, that can shoulder some of the burden and take some off of city officials.

By working together, we can do our part in maintaining our fine city, and showing the officials that there are local companies that can help us maintain the infrastructure that is slowly crumbing before our eyes. Only when we understand that local companies are viable in maintaining our city and improving upon the infrastructure that has helped our city become the global landmark that it is today.


Our city is great, but it has our problems, large ones that may indirectly take visitor and resident traffic away from the city. But there is an answer, one that is viable, easy, and helps everyone increase their sales.

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