San Francisco sports


Perhaps one of the main reasons in which San Francisco is my favorite city in the world is its rich sports culture. Some of the greatest dynasties have taken place right here in this city. Not only is it something that residents of the city can still be proud of today, but it is something that tourists will thoroughly enjoy. Having had friends visit from out of state, they alway ask me “what are some fun things to do in San Francisco?”. Sports are always included on my list.

Think of your favorite sport, not think of San Francisco. Chances are that both not only connected, but also the city has a great legacy in whatever sport you can imagine.

A cultural Imperative

Even people that don’t like sports are some of the people that have appreciated the rich athletic history of San Francisco. Beyond the enjoyment of those that are already sports fans, San Francisco has a cultural pull on all people. You hear about sports games that get violent and heated? Not in San Francisco. Here you get to enjoy the event without the hullabaloo that comes with people rooting against one another.

In some ways, San Francisco is unlike any place on the planet. People from all over the country and the world are able to come together under a common interest without the hassle that comes with rooting for a single team. If we come together and enjoy what makes us human, we are getting closer to inner-peace.

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