San Francisco infrastructure


Infrastructure, for those of you who don’t know, pertains to the actual physical aspects of the parts of our city that help us live. Much of the time we do not think about the state of our buildings, our roads, our sewer and electrical lines, or anything of that matter. We just assume that it will always be there serving us until the end of time without us needing to do anything to maintain it.

Anybody that has studied architecture knows that this is not the case. That infrastructure, like everything else in the world decays if not maintained. And what is worse, is that our infrastructure in many cases is much too old to keep doing what it does. And although San Francisco is one of the better cities for infrastructure, it is still horribly outdated.

A shift in focus

What many politicians do not realize is that as a whole, our country’s infrastructure will soon not be able to support the people that it is currently required to. Cities keep getting bigger and more densely populated, while infrastructure is seldom maintained, let alone updated. But it needs to be updated, and quickly.

If we start now, we can begin to use new infrastructure technology that allow us to accommodate the number of people that currently live in the city as well as support the influx of people that will definitely be moving to the city. The way it is now, the infrastructure itself may start to wither and crumble unless we act quickly.

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