The beautiful city of Santa Rosa


Located in the Bay area, Santa Rosa is a large city that is home to wine country and a variety of other historical and cultural attractions. A variety of museums can be found in Santa Rosa as well as a number of nightlife hot spots, making it the perfect destination for any Bay area visitor. One of the most popular cities in the northern area of the state, it has warm summers and temperate winters, making it the ideal location for those looking for a temperate climate.

Its unique charm comes from its climate, that is home to a variety of wildlife as well as beautiful scenic hiking trails and rivers. Santa Rosa is also a major college city, hosting a number of universities and community colleges.

Why visit Santa Rosa?

A city unlike any other in the world, what makes Santa Rosa unique is its diversity not only in wildlife, but people as well. College students, city dwellers, and nature enthusiasts will all find something to do in the city of Santa Rosa. Busy all year around, it is home to those that enjoy both the fine and simple things in life. Its wine country is unlike any found in the world.

Often free of the daily hustle and bustle of surrounding cities, Santa Rosa is one of the few places on earth that has something for everyone. Its unique culture, nature, and people make it one of the most beautiful cities in northern California and perhaps the entire world.

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