Bay Area concrete


BC Asphalt, Concrete & Brick Pavers, is one of the prime companies in the city that handle a number of both commercial and residential projects in the area. Their level of expertise is unlike that of any company in the area, and knowing which services they offer is an important thing for anybody in the city looking for a new concrete project. As someone that has worked for and with a number of companies, I often get questions like “how much concrete driveway paver cost?”, and it is through my experience with BC that I am able to give them an accurate estimate.

It is essentially all about the type of driveway that they want and where the driveway is located. Some neighborhoods have much higher prices and different zoning laws when it comes to installing a driveway. In almost every neighborhood, it becomes possible to get a good deal, provided you know where to go for business. Different services in different areas cost different prices, but it becomes possible to get the right one if you know what you are looking for.

For example

One of the newest forms of pavement for higher end areas is that of brick paving contractors. For projects both large and small BC handles all projects in the Bay Area, providing customers with high quality paving at a price that is second to none. In terms of professional ability, BC offers options for residents and companies a way in which to enhance the city and add value to the property within.

Brick paving is n0t only a classy way to make a driveway, but also very affordable depending on where you go. There is nothing quite like the look of a paved brick driveway done professionally, and people will appreciate the look that it gives the property. Knowing the right professionals can help bring new life to your property.


Brick and concrete paving is one of those areas that needs to be done professionally in order to give off the right look. Luckily, BC has the knowledge and expertise to give the right look every time and for any occasion.

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Bay area events

The spring is here and that means there are a number of Bay Area events on the horizon. From festivals to concerts, to art gallery openings, there is always something to do in the Bay Area and its surrounding cities. Perhaps it is the people that it holds or its geographic location, but the events in the Bay Area are unlike any in the rest of the world.

Culture, people, and location all make the area one of the greatest places on earth, which always gives me something to talk about. Whether you are a native or visiting the area for the first time, be sure to check the local events as well as the national events in order to find a reason to come to our great city.

Everyone is invited

Perhaps what make the area such a good place to hang out is the people that inhabit it. Maybe it’s the warm weather, maybe it’s the fact that San Francisco is an actual melting pot of culture and entertainment that is unrivaled by any place in the world. No matter where are you from, you can find something in San Francisco that you will enjoy and the people will embrace you.

Spread the word. The Bay Area is the place to be for all things entertainment and for those looking for a large city with both the hustle and bustle of large cities and the charm of small towns. Transplants and inhabitants come together in great fashion in the Bay Area.

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Preserving the Bay Area


As previously mentioned, the Bay Area is still one of the most beautiful cities in the country, but it has its structural problems. The roads, concrete, and other infrastructure is weak and old, and it is up to us to preserve the beauty of the city. The reasons for this are extensive, but one of the most important things to remember is that as infrastructure crumbles, so does its draw for visitors.

San Francisco and its surrounding cities are known for their tourism and cultural relevance. One of the main reasons the Bay Area is such a strong tourist destination is its historical beauty, which can largely be attributed to beautiful infrastructure.

What can we do?

As citizens and supporters of the Bay Area, all we can really do is preserve what we have and inform officials that it is time to act in preserving the city. And while the infrastructure is being fixed, it is important to spread the word about the area and let people know that it is still the same wonderful tourist destination that it has always been.

Join us in the attempt to tell the world about the wonders of the Bay Area, and how we, as citizens and visitors can help preserve it and restore it to its previous splendor. For your next vacation or getaway, consider San Francisco, its surrounding cities, and the Bay Area for its cultural relevance and splendor. Also do not forget to vote in local elections for individuals that will help fix the city’s infrastructure.

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Keeping the streets in working condition


In a previous article, I discussed the nature of San Francisco infrastructure as it pertains to the city’s visitors and inhabitants. Even though it remains one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, it is not without its problems, and much of the beauty simply masks a large problem. One of the main ways in which this problem manifests in a visible was is the roads of the city. The severe heat and proximity to the ocean means that the roads go through quite the rigor in any given year, which can lead to cracking, weathering, and an overall degradation of the roads themselves.

It wasn’t until I spoke to my friend at that I understood the full extent of the problem. It seems as though the roads are crumbling at an even more alarming rate than the surrounding infrastructure, and although they do get the most repairs, it is not enough to keep the city from having large transportation problems in the future.

Luckily there is an answer

Fixing the problem will take a multi-faceted approach that must be agreed upon between both city officials and local companies. It becomes a matter of local companies, like ones that specialize in local contracts, including things like a local driveway paving company to take on some of the responsibility of keeping the roads of our fine city. There are some companies that offer high-end affordable brick paver prices, that can shoulder some of the burden and take some off of city officials.

By working together, we can do our part in maintaining our fine city, and showing the officials that there are local companies that can help us maintain the infrastructure that is slowly crumbing before our eyes. Only when we understand that local companies are viable in maintaining our city and improving upon the infrastructure that has helped our city become the global landmark that it is today.


Our city is great, but it has our problems, large ones that may indirectly take visitor and resident traffic away from the city. But there is an answer, one that is viable, easy, and helps everyone increase their sales.

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San Francisco infrastructure


Infrastructure, for those of you who don’t know, pertains to the actual physical aspects of the parts of our city that help us live. Much of the time we do not think about the state of our buildings, our roads, our sewer and electrical lines, or anything of that matter. We just assume that it will always be there serving us until the end of time without us needing to do anything to maintain it.

Anybody that has studied architecture knows that this is not the case. That infrastructure, like everything else in the world decays if not maintained. And what is worse, is that our infrastructure in many cases is much too old to keep doing what it does. And although San Francisco is one of the better cities for infrastructure, it is still horribly outdated.

A shift in focus

What many politicians do not realize is that as a whole, our country’s infrastructure will soon not be able to support the people that it is currently required to. Cities keep getting bigger and more densely populated, while infrastructure is seldom maintained, let alone updated. But it needs to be updated, and quickly.

If we start now, we can begin to use new infrastructure technology that allow us to accommodate the number of people that currently live in the city as well as support the influx of people that will definitely be moving to the city. The way it is now, the infrastructure itself may start to wither and crumble unless we act quickly.

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San Francisco sports


Perhaps one of the main reasons in which San Francisco is my favorite city in the world is its rich sports culture. Some of the greatest dynasties have taken place right here in this city. Not only is it something that residents of the city can still be proud of today, but it is something that tourists will thoroughly enjoy. Having had friends visit from out of state, they alway ask me “what are some fun things to do in San Francisco?”. Sports are always included on my list.

Think of your favorite sport, not think of San Francisco. Chances are that both not only connected, but also the city has a great legacy in whatever sport you can imagine.

A cultural Imperative

Even people that don’t like sports are some of the people that have appreciated the rich athletic history of San Francisco. Beyond the enjoyment of those that are already sports fans, San Francisco has a cultural pull on all people. You hear about sports games that get violent and heated? Not in San Francisco. Here you get to enjoy the event without the hullabaloo that comes with people rooting against one another.

In some ways, San Francisco is unlike any place on the planet. People from all over the country and the world are able to come together under a common interest without the hassle that comes with rooting for a single team. If we come together and enjoy what makes us human, we are getting closer to inner-peace.

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Maintaining the bay area


One thing that I noticed when touring the Bay area was that despite its unmatched beauty and culture, there were a few problems with the infrastructure in some areas. California is subject to a number of different climates, changes, and other elements that all contribute to the decay of specific infrastructure, especially roads. Much of the attractions in the Bay area are surrounded by patches of asphalt, which absorbs heat and plays a large role in the transportation of the area.

As a former construction worker, I brought this up to a former colleague, a company in charge of performing the best blacktop repairs in the area. I asked him what the reasons were for the deteriorating state of the infrastructure was, and what we, as citizens could do about it.

What he said was astonishing, and I later learned that a local brick paving company was responsible for much of the repairs in the Bay area, and were often contracted by local municipalities.

Which came as a surprise

As someone that is relatively informed in local government, I had thought that maintaining the community was incumbent upon the state of California. I was not aware that a lot of contracts taken by local workers were paid for by local governments rather than the state government. It then occurred to me that infrastructure as a whole in the country is outdated and crumbling.

This might seem bad, but think about how that affects concrete driveway prices. The need for local governments to bid on large infrastructure projects means that there is a greater demand for concrete and asphalt jobs. What this does is even though the state government is not paying for infrastructure, local companies being to spring up in order to fill the demand for these jobs. 


Many people that notice the state of infrastructure in the Bay area agree that it could use some work. And many would argue that the state should pay for it. However, the current trend of local contractors fixing the infrastructure creates a world in which there is larger demand for these services, sparking healthy capitalistic competition.


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Home to historical social movements


In some ways, the Bay area has always been home to social movements and progressive thinking. Even when California was in its infancy, the Gold Rush brought many free-thinking individuals from all around the country in search of wealth and prosperity. It was perhaps this initial influx of diverse populations that has led to California being the hub of social change.

During the period of social unrest during the 1960s, California, the Bay area specifically was a place that counterculture people moved to with the idea of “free love” in mind. It was here that the movement picked up steam, which eventually led to a change in how the world viewed culture of the time.

Another social movement

More recently, the gay rights social movement took hold in the United States, with California being one of the largest hubs for sharing this movement. San Francisco, which is home to one of the largest gay communities in the world, was one of the initial sites for pride parades, where people gathered to support the rights of LGBT individuals fighting for equality.

Today, California remains a hub for social change and a cultural epicenter that the world holds in high regard, A place where people have always felt welcome and able to begin a new life, the Bay area is one of the most diverse areas on the planet. Whether you are looking to begin a new life or simply visit one of the most important social locations on the planet, California has always been and always will be a beacon of cultural hope.

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The beautiful city of Santa Rosa


Located in the Bay area, Santa Rosa is a large city that is home to wine country and a variety of other historical and cultural attractions. A variety of museums can be found in Santa Rosa as well as a number of nightlife hot spots, making it the perfect destination for any Bay area visitor. One of the most popular cities in the northern area of the state, it has warm summers and temperate winters, making it the ideal location for those looking for a temperate climate.

Its unique charm comes from its climate, that is home to a variety of wildlife as well as beautiful scenic hiking trails and rivers. Santa Rosa is also a major college city, hosting a number of universities and community colleges.

Why visit Santa Rosa?

A city unlike any other in the world, what makes Santa Rosa unique is its diversity not only in wildlife, but people as well. College students, city dwellers, and nature enthusiasts will all find something to do in the city of Santa Rosa. Busy all year around, it is home to those that enjoy both the fine and simple things in life. Its wine country is unlike any found in the world.

Often free of the daily hustle and bustle of surrounding cities, Santa Rosa is one of the few places on earth that has something for everyone. Its unique culture, nature, and people make it one of the most beautiful cities in northern California and perhaps the entire world.

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A largely undiscovered gem of Cali


So far, I have covered some of the most popular cities in the Bay area, each one with its own unique appeal and geographic landmarks. But there is one city that stands out in my mind as one of the most beautiful and one of the most overlooked: San Jose. Home to a number of college campuses and vacation h0tspots, San Jose is a beautiful metropolitan city with all of the amenities of a small town.

Some say that the people in San Jose are nicer than in surrounding areas, and in some ways that is true. Perhaps it is the laid back nature of the city with its many beaches, boardwalks, amusement parks, and brick and mortar businesses, but the fact is that San Jose is a more than worthy vacation destination.

It really does have it all

Aside from all of the splendor of artistic culture and historical landmarks found in the Bay area, San Jose is home to some of the most beautiful wildlife reserves in the entire state. Mountains, desserts, oceans, forests, you name it, San Jose has an area that any explorer will love.

A sort of hybrid between northern and southern California, San Jose represents the divide in culture and geography that makes California such a unique state and vacation destination. Can’t decide which part of California is more your style, visit San Jose and find yourself while enjoying all that the Bay area has to offer. In some ways, San Jose remains an often overlooked diamond in a patch of other diamonds.

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